Cable TV on Fiber Optics

Your choice of 24/7 non-stop entertainment.

Panay Broadband Wi-Fi Hotspot

Panay Broadband Cable TV

It's on fiber optics! That's why we are ahead of the game.

Panay Broadband offers non-stop entertainment and premium channels to watch your favorite shows bundled with your internet subcription package. Yes! It comes at no extra cost.

Cable TV vs. Streaming

Picking the right entertainment platform is just as important as deciding what to watch in this new golden age of television.

The ability to watch your shows anywhere as long as you have internet access is the main perk the streaming services provide so that users can keep watching while commuting or in a transport terminal.

By doing so,this adds up to your data charges aside from the streaming subscription on a limited number of devices.

Cable TV's advantage over these streaming platforms is "live television". It simply means not waiting for your favorite shows and missing out on the social media conversation of the night (or season) the program airs. Tuning into the playoffs or the tail-end of a close game and monitor unfolding events in the news as it happens.

Making Both Ends Meet

May it be streaming or Cable TV, you can have the best of both worlds with Panay Broadband.

Premium movies, sports, news and entertainment channels on cable. Unlimited internet service packages for your streaming platform. On a fixed monthly rate and at no extra cost.

Give us a call today at +63 33 503-7872 or request for a quote and we can get you started by identifying which subscription package will be right for you!