Panay Broadband Wi-Fi Hotspot

Reliable. Safe. Fast. Wireless Internet anytime.

Panay Broadband Wi-Fi Hotspot

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Stay connected without a service contract!

Panay Broadband offers instant wireless connectivity and pay only when you need it and don't pay when you don't.

Panay Broadband's Wi-Fi Hotspot services are available in selected areas. For hassle free and superior Wireless Internet connection service.

Event Internet Hotspot Rentals

Panay Broadband offers WiFi hosting rental for businesses that need internet solutions for events, trade shows, conferences, short-term projects, and other uses.

While some event venues do provide complimentary WiFi services, often times this “free WiFi” is used as a tactic to overcharge for other event needs.

Other times, in scenarios where WiFi is not complementary, some event venues will have outrageous rates for even basic internet service.

Stay Connected with a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Your internet hotspot, may it be rented or a permanent setup, can be used in a large variety of circumstances. Our Wi-Fi hotspots vary in capabilities and features that suits your budget.

Our Network Engineers are ready to help you every step of the way in designing and customizing your internet hotspot.

Give us a call today at +63 33 503-7872 or request for a quote and we can get you started by identifying which internet hotspot will be right for your needs!